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Portable paint pARTies

for the service industry and beyond   

The perfect way to make an


  • hotel guests

  • restaurants

  • travel perks

  • corporate 
    team building

  • brand awareness

  • retreats and
    coaching programs

get your pARTy started! 


Why provide a pARTy Box?

Market trends have shown that people crave more engagement and novelty in their entertainment. From "experiences" on airbnb, to the explosion of interest in wine and canvas paint parties; consumers want more hands on fun.

The unique thing about the pARTyBox is that it is

  • portable- a 7x9 inch box fits perfectly in any suitcase, backpack, large purse or travel bag. It is even convenient to carry as is!

  •  customizable- celebrate your location or occasion from landmarks to brand marks

  • mess free!- unlike traditional paint and sip parties, the pARTyBox projects utilize watercolor pencils that activate with water. NO messy paints=no worries about property damage!

Why use art to engage?

  • studies have shown that happy people spend more, and making art makes people happy!



  • guests can make their own souvenirs without leaving the establishment!

  • no need to schedule a big synchronistic event- your guests can pARTy at their own leisure, purchasing a box as easily as room service!

  • celebrate the local treasures in custom projects found only through your establishment.

  • Have a chain of locations? Even better! guests will have an incentive to purchase a pARTyBox to create new fun when they travel to another destination. Talk about brand loyalty!


  • the popularity of the paint n sip has proven itself, but the pARTyBox is the upgrade! Why?

    • takes up less space​. The pARTyBox fits conveniently on the table in front of guests, no need to move furniture to accommodate.

    • no use of messy acrylic paint- but still painting!

    • no need to schedule an instructor- instructions are streamed online for guests to paint along and pause as needed.

    • now guests can pay to pARTy anytime! If theres a table open, or even to keep busy while waiting- guests can be engaged and entertained. Another round please!

    • They take the mess with them when they pack up!

Retreats & Programs


  • ​Your guests and clients will benefit from the meaningful engagement that a customizable pARTyBox experience creates.

    • makes content more memorable​

    • can be enjoyed solo or in a group as team building

    • art creation tends to make people more happy and satisfied with their experiences

    • the custom memento will initiate future conversations leading to more referrals. 

    • gets people in touch with their inner child

    • sparks nostalgia

    • brand recognition

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retreats and programs
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