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We are a mother-daughter run paint n sip created in 2014. We began to offer private paint pARTies and fundraisers in the Riverside and San Diego areas, and realized that there was an opportunity to create something portable and mess free.

pARTy Boxes are our newest creation for those looking for something fun to tap their inner creativity alone or with a few friends. The beauty of this is that you are not tied down to a specific time frame and can go with your own flow.

These are perfect for hotels, corporate events, and other occasions. 

Keeping with our values of sustainability, we pARTner with small and sustainable businesses. We avoid disposable products, and choose packaging and materials that are responsible. This includes 100% post consumer waste boxes, and panels and pencils from sustainable managed forests. In addition, all supplies are ordered as close to home as possible to reduce our footprint.

Order any of our standard project boxes for individual or group fun. For custom locations and occasions please reach out to set up your exclusive project!



Founder, Lead heARTist, Mom

Hi! I have been doing and teaching art for all of my life. I am excited to bring creativity into the lives of everyday folks. After the years of arting with people, I have seen that art is one of the most neglected practices that can enhance not only our well-being, but our ability to use more of our brain's power. By creating pARTy2Gogh, I have made it easy for people to engage with art because everyone can create!


Party instructor, media management 

I'm a college student at UCSD and an independent musician. Even though visual arts aren't my primary hobby, I still love creating paintings and helping others make something amazing too! Instructing paint pARTies has helped me see how important self-expression is for everyone, and its always a fun time. 


Phone: 951-880-3083


Instagram: party2gogh

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