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​​pARTy2Gogh will customize for your location or any occasion.

A keepsake! A fun and engaging way to created memories that last and travel well! pARTy2Gogh has taken the allure of the paint n sip trend, and packaged it in a new way that has limitless possibilities for enjoyment!


perfect for: 

* Hotels

* Timeshares

* Corporate events and gifts

* special occasions

* travel

* programs and retreats

* restaurants

Box pARTy: inquire for step by step video calls for your event or meeting! Otherwise, pARTyBoxes all come with a link to prerecorded video instruction to pause and play as you paint.


Your guests will love this artful experience! These are mess free because they utilize watercolor pencils and the portable size makes them the perfect travel fun, gift, and souvenir.

Customize for your brand or event: 

Whether you are a hotel with many destinations to celebrate, or a corporation; a bride to be or a coach with a program for clients...

We will create a unique and specific project that will make an impression! We can work with:

  • geographic and architectural landmarks for destination based themes

  • logos and branding schemes like color palettes

  • coaching concepts

  • self growth themes

  • event themes

  • anything!


contact us for your needs and we will get you a quote​!


We put the fun in fundraisers! If you are looking for a creative activity to support your organization, what could be better than giving your supporters a fun fine-art experience? Contact us for details.

EMAIL or call/text  (951)-880-3083 to schedule a call

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